Code 1001-128


Code 1001-128

Category: Troubleshooting


The following code was reported in Pulsewave® Software: 1001-128: The confidence for blood pressure results was too low.

Applies To

Pulsewave® BP


Any number of factors reduced the quality of the reading such that when analyzed, the confidence for the blood pressure results (SYS, DIA, and MAP) was too low. Some factors that may contribute to reduced reading quality are: not being relaxed during the reading, talking or moving during the reading, or electrical or mechanical interference near the Pulsewave® Device. Blood pressure results are not given with this code. However, other results may be provided.


Ensure that all sources of interference (cell phones, speakers, nearby vibrations, etc.) are removed from the area.

  1. Remember to be relaxed, and do not talk or move during readings.
  2. Take another reading.

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