Code 1001-17


Code 1001-17

Category: Troubleshooting


The following code was reported in Pulsewave® Software: 1001-17: The reading could not be processed.

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The likely cause for the appearance of this code is that the reading was affected by interference. The user may not have been relaxed, or may have been moving. External mechanical or electromagnetic interference may also have affected the reading. In addition, it could be that the user’s pulse rate is too high. Any of these factors can affect the ability of Pulsewave® to capture a reading of high enough quality to provide results. Results are not provided with this code.


  1. Did you just exert yourself in some way (for example, by exercising)? If so, take a few minutes to relax.
  2. Are any sources of interference nearby (for example, cell phone, audio speakers, or sources of vibration)? If so, you may need to remove these objects from the vicinity or turn them off before taking readings.
  3. Remember to be relaxed, and do not talk or move during readings.
  4. Take another reading.

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