Code 1001-3


Code 1001-3

Category: Troubleshooting


The following code was reported in Pulsewave® Software: 1001-3: A tight cuff was detected during the reading. Please ensure that the cuff is not too tight before taking readings.

Applies To

Pulsewave® Device


The cuff was too tight. This code may also appear if the pulse waveform as recorded by the cuff was too strong. A tight cuff, or a “loud” pulse waveform, causes clipping. This means that the upper or lower regions of the pulse waveform have exceeded a threshold, and have been cut off as a result. Our algorithms are designed to recognize this and take it into account when analyzing the pulse waveform.

The impact of the tight cuff reduced the reading quality such that some results could not be provided. A reading of better quality is required.


  1. Do not tighten the cuff so much for your next reading.
  2. Loosen the cuff, and take another reading.

To learn more about cuff placement, read the instructional article “Cuff Placement.”

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