Code 1001-53


Code 1001-53

Category: Troubleshooting


The following code was reported in Pulsewave® Software: 1001-53: Cuff pressure was too high to measure Systolic (SYS) and Diastolic (DIA).

Applies To

Pulsewave® BP


This code can be reported in the case of more than one user sharing a single account. It can also be reported if the settings are incorrect for the Target pressure preference. If the Target pressure low is not set low enough, data required to measure SYS and DIA may not be captured. Blood pressure results are not given under this code. However, other results may be provided.


If you are the only person using your account to submit readings:

  1. Confirm that Target pressure preference is set to Auto.*
  2. Take another reading.

If more than one person submits readings using your account:

  1. Confirm that Target pressure preference is set to Fixed.*
  2. Take another reading.

* To learn more about Target pressure preference, read the instructional article “Using Reading Mode.”

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