Device Initialization


Device Initialization

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This article describes the initialization process of the Pulsewave® Device. This process may also be referred to as the ability of the Pulsewave® Device to "self-calibrate".

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Users may read about other blood pressure meters and learn that some of them require annual calibration.  Users may even hear about this calibration from their healthcare professionals. 

Although it is true that some devices available require calibration, the Pulsewave® Device does not require to be sent away for regular calibration.  This is due to the precise calibration performed on the internal Pressure Sensor during manufacturing.  The Pulsewave® Device enters an initialization state before every reading just prior to the inflation of the cuff.  The data gathered during this brief procedure is sent with your reading data to our servers and is included in the data analysis.  Should any anomalies be detected in the pressure sensor data they will be indicated when results are displayed.  The gathered initialization data also allows for the detection of faulty USB connections as well as compensation for current conditions.  This process ensures the best possible quality of reading within the surrounding environment.

In casual discussion of Pulsewave® this initialization process can be referred to as the device's ability to "self-calibrate" to ensure best reading quality and to proactively indicate issues that would affect the ability to provide results.


The initialization state prior to inflation of the cuff, in the Pulsewave® software.