Adding User Accounts


Adding User Accounts

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In order for a user to monitor their results, it is important that the readings are sent to the correct user account.  To make sure that this happens, User Accounts must be added to the Pulsewave® Software.  A reading taken under a specific user account in the software will be submitted to the corresponding user account on the server.  These accounts are created by using the User name and Password of the Pulsewave® Account created on the Pulsewave® website.

Applies To

Pulsewave® Software


These instructions assume that you have already added your own account to the software, as doing so is the first step of running the software for the first time.

  1. Click on the User profiles icon  to open the User Accounts window.  (Launch the Pulsewave® Software if not running)
  1. Click the Add button 
  1. Enter the User name and Password of the user you wish to add    

  1. Click Log in

Congratulations!  You have just added a new user to your Pulsewave® Software. This will add the account to the list of users in the software and allow them to take a reading.

You have now configured the software for more than one user. To switch between user accounts, choose your name from the drop down list under the User profiles icon, or select the desired account from the User Accounts list when you first launch the software.