Using Reading Mode


Using Reading Mode

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Target pressures are the maximum cuff inflation pressure and the minimum cuff deflation pressure achieved during a reading.  The Pulsewave® Software offers a Reading Mode feature that can be configured to one of three modes that may be set in the Target pressure preference to control these pressures.

Applies To

Pulsewave® Software

To access the Reading Mode, click on the Preferences icon  

Select the Reading Mode tab.  Here is where you set the Target pressure preference.

Target pressure preference modes:


The Target pressure high and Target pressure low are set by our servers and are determined by your results.  These values will self-adjust between readings.

Why use Auto mode?

The Auto mode for target pressures was designed primarily for comfort.  It prevents unnecessary over-inflation and reduces deflation times, giving you a comfortable experience with Pulsewave®.


This mode locks the Target pressure high and Target pressure low to the values shown in the screen shot below.

When to use Fixed mode?

Fixed mode may be set in troubleshooting certain codes returned upon reading submission, or if you require to use our default Target pressure high and Target pressure low settings.  Your very first reading with Pulsewave® is taken using this default value.  Fixed mode may be considered as a way to return to default should the need arise.


This mode allows you to adjust the Target pressure high and Target pressure low as seen in the screenshot below.

Why use Manual mode? 

In some cases, manual adjustment to the target pressures may be required.  For example, when performing a study, one could set the target pressures as a means of establishing a control of the maximum inflation of the cuff and the reading length.

Another example of where Manual mode is used is where many users are submitting readings under one account.  Each person is unique in that their results will vary.  So too will the requirements of target pressure to provide results.  Manual mode allows many people to submit readings under one account, where Auto mode does not.

Additional Information

In order to take a reading, the cuff on the Pulsewave® Device is inflated to a Target pressure high, and deflation occurs until the Target pressure low is reached.  To achieve the best quality of reading, these values must be set appropriately to allow for the analysis of results.  If these settings are not correct, there is a chance that the cuff may not be inflated enough, or not deflate enough.  As a result, the Pulsewave® Device may not capture a sufficient pulse waveform for analysis.  This may result in a code being reported in the software and another reading to be taken.  Thus, the correct choice of the Target pressure preference must be made based on how readings are taken.

Most users will run in the Auto mode.  When a reading is submitted to our servers, and is analyzed for results, the servers derive an optimal Target pressure high and an optimal Target pressure low and send these back to the Pulsewave® Software with the results.  This sets these pressures for the next reading.  This is best for a single user.  It can present problems when more than one user is submitting to the same account, however.

Here is a scenario that illustrates what can happen in this case.

Susan uses the Pulsewave® Software in Auto mode.  Susan’s last reading set her target pressures to a Target pressure high of 180mmHg and a Target pressure low of 60mmHg, in preparation for her next reading.  However, Susan’s husband John wants to use Pulsewave® and does not have his own account.  So, he takes a reading and submits it under Susan’s account, but results come back warning that something could not be calculated.  This could be because John’s blood pressure may be of a different value than Susan’s.  The presents a problem becuase John took a reading using the target pressures calculated in Auto mode for Susan, and these settings were not allowing enough of John’s pulse waveform to be recorded for a complete analysis.

To make the reading process of Susan and John effective, Manual mode would be the best setting to use as the target pressures would be manually set to a Target pressure high and a Target pressure low that accommodates both users.