Multi-reading Mode


Multi-reading Mode

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Multi-reading mode is a setting within the Pulsewave® Software that is useful in conditions where periodic readings need to be taken automatically.

Applies To

Pulsewave® Software

Access the Reading Mode, by clicking on the Preferences icon  

Select the Reading Mode tab and check the box for Multi-reading Mode and click OK.

Enter your User name and Password and click Log in to activate the setting.

This sets the software into Multi-reading mode.  The next time you start a reading, you will be presented with the Multi-Reading window where you can set the parameters of the reading session, as follows:

Target high:  The maximum inflation pressure of the cuff.

Target low:  The deflation pressure to be reached to end the reading.

Readings:  The number of readings that will be taken in this session under Multi-reading mode.

Interval:  The duration between readings.

Retries:  The number of re-tries available to the session in the event of an error.

When ready, click the Multi button to start taking readings.  Should you wish to bypass the Multi-reading mode at any time, click the Single button.  This is especially useful when taking readings in a clinical setting where many patients readings will be stored under a single account. 

Note that any target pressure settings are over-ridden by Multi-reading mode.

The usual reading process will commence with the countdown timer and then the reading begins.  You can track the progress of the multi-reading session under the Reading Series heading.

When the reading is complete it is automatically sent to our servers.

Results are returned and the interval countdown to the next reading begins.

This process repeats for as many readings were set in the Multi-reading screen.  Please note that the last reading will not be automatically sent to the server and will require you to click the Send button to complete the series.