Printing a Report


Printing a Report

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Reporting is a feature of Pulsewave® that allows for a patient to have a comprehensive report of their reading.  Although there is basic reporting within the Software that allows for a basic report of the reading waveform to be printed, a more comprehensive report can be generated for any reading in your account on the Pulsewave® website.  The best use of this reporting is immediately after a reading has been taken, so that you can give instant feedback to your patient.

NOTE:  Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed for the integrated printing features to work properly.  Please make sure that you have the current version installed by visiting 

Applies To

Pulsewave® Software
Pulsewave® Website



On the Pulsewave® Software, click   to view the latest reading summary.  Then click  to Print the report interface and follow your usual printing procedure on your computer.


The clinician also has the option to print the report on the web portal.  Click any patient’s name, then click the Reports tab. 
Hover your mouse over the Print icon to print the latest report or choose a date from which you want to print a report.