Forgot Your Password?


Forgot Your Password?

Category: Instructional


Did you forget your password to log in to your Pulsewave® Account?  Perhaps you're trying entering it and it's just not working.  There is a way to reset your password so that you can quickly get back to using Pulsewave®.  This article tells you how.

Applies To

Pulsewave® Website


Open your web browser and navigate to the Pulsewave® website.  Under the Log In area, click password in the "Forgot your..." sentence.

Enter the code shown on your computer screen and enter the User name and Email address that you used to register your account.  Click Send.

An email is sent to your email address.  It tells you the user name(s) used with the email address that you entered.

A link is provided in the email that directs you to a page to reset your password.  Clicking on the link takes your to the screen below.  Enter your New password and then again for verification.  Click on the Reset password button.

You will receive confirmation that your password has been reset.  You can then log in to the Pulsewave® website using your new password.