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Integration is a setting within the Pulsewave® Software that allows for the results to be copied and pasted into another software of your choice.  For example, results can be pasted into an email or to an Electronic Health Record.

Applies To

Pulsewave® Software

Click on the Preferences icon  

Select the Integration tab and set the Mode pull down menu to "Automatic", and click OK.

This sets the software into a state where results are sent to your Windows clipboard, in the form of the standard string shown above.  Then, once the reading has finished and the results have been displayed, you can simply paste the data into the external software of your choice.  It would be displayed as follows:

[2013-03-08 13:23 -05:00] SYS: 127 mmHg, DIA: 79 mmHg, MAP: 95 mmHg, APP: 48 mmHg, PRA: 79 /min, PRV: 6 %, RPP: 167 mmHg∙Hz, STI: 100 ms, DTI: 650 ms, BRA: 10 /min

This string may be customized to suit your needs.  To do so, set the Mode pull down menu to "Custom", modify the string to your needs, and click OK.  The string may be modified to remove results and change the order of how the results are presented.  If you ever wish to return to the standard string, click the Load Results button.