Adding And Searching for Patients


The best way to identify the patient to the reading is to first register them in the database.  Go to the Pulsewave®  software and launch the Client Management window.  

Launch the Client Management screen by pressing the Start Green button  or the  Pulsewave® Green Start button  

The Client Management screen have these major features:
  •  for registered patients in the database
  •  Add New Patients to the database
  •  Take Guest Readings 

To add a new patient to the database, simply click the icon  , It will launch the New Clients window where it will let you fill out the patient’s information.  This window also give you the option to send a Remote Monitoring Invitation.  

By clicking either “Guest” or a registered Patient’s Name on file, the Multi-Reading window will pop up.  Pressing Guest means that the screen will only give you the option to add Client Notes via the Multi-Reading window.  

On the Multi-Reading window, you can also set the target pressure, the number of readings and interval of these readings.

Any client records added on the Pulsewave®  Software are also saved and stored in the Pulsewave® website.  Similar with the Pulsewave®  Software, you can search for existing clients or create new clients on demand under the menu Clients.
If the professional clicks New Client, the new client form will be shown.
The Search field will display all possible results for your search term.