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Cloud DX Pulsewave Acquisition System Retirement Notice

Cloud DX Pulse Acquisition Software (PAS) version 2.2.0 for Windows and MacOS will be retired on 28 June 2022. From this date forward, this product will no longer be available for download, will not be supported by Cloud DX customer support, and no further bug fixes, updates, or patches will be provided. This is part of the Cloud DX long-term strategy to build the industry-leading Remote Patient Monitoring solution for mobile and web.

Cloud DX recommends that users download and install the Cloud DX mobile application for their mobile device (Android or iOS) or access the Connected Health Platform on the web at

The mobile software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store (for Android) and the Apple Store (for iOS).

For assistance, please contact Cloud DX customer support.



toll-free phone: 1-888-543-0944